Chateau d'Humieres


At just 1 hour drive from Calais, 3 hours from London, this amazing place is perfectly situated to provide you with room for Events. With a place to stay for up to 20 people in individual rooms, Coach House and Tower Appartement together.

The Chateau itself was build just after the French revolution. Sections where added in the centuries to follow. But its origins where as a hunting pavilion.

During the first world war an airfield, lying on the castle grounds was home to the 32th squadron of allied fighter planes. Countless planes took of from at the castle grounds.

During the second world war, the castle served the German Luftwaffe for directing the V1 launches towards England. In the village there are the remains of a V1 launch site still visible today and the gigantic Blockhaus de Siracourt is just 6km away.

After the war the nobel family who lived there before returned and the castle became a house of joy, which stables housed beautifull horses whilst on the grounds epic horsejumping events where held. However it became neglected following the death of the Vicomtesse.

Renovation works have started, lots of energy has been poured into the old lady. And the love it deserves. Stories have been told by eldery from the village and now the castle sets its first steps in a new era.


Village, 62130 Humières, France

Chateau d’Humieres offers:

  • Charming location close to historic towns
  • 2 Gites for up to 20 people
  • Private Event Hire
    Corporate Retreats
    Homestay Accommodation
  • Free WiFi