Chateau de Bourneau


We are Erin and Jean-Baptiste, an Anglo-Franco couple with a love and respect for old buildings and French heritage.  Our dream is to restore this beautiful château and bring it back to its former glory for future generations to enjoy it for years to come.  In another life, Erin is a hospital doctor and Jean-Baptiste is a mechanical engineer. Our events and stays in our holiday cottages contribute to the restoration and maintenance of this magnificent French monument.

Our Eco-friendly Ethos

Protecting the planet and doing our little bit to be more eco-friendly and to contribute to our local community is very important to us.   These are a few of the little things we have done to try and be more green and community spirited:

  • We are proud to support a local community charity for all our holiday cottage laundry and ironing.  A Tout Linge is an association that offers people with learning disabilities or mental health problems a place of work and a community hub.
  • We love to recycle and upcycle items of furniture that might have ended up in landfill.  Many furniture pieces you can see in our holiday cottages have been bought from local charity shops or were found in the château.  We believe that old pieces of furniture deserve a new lease of life and can be made to look beautiful too, with the benefit of supporting our local charity shops as well.
  • We have recently planted a wildflower meadow for our bees and butterflies. It gets renewed each year and we are seeing more diverse wild flowers self-seeding, which is wonderful. 
  • We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilisers in our gardens to protect your health and our important insect wildlife diversity.  We are also about to install “insect hotels” to continue to look after our important insect-life.
  • We are gradually introducing more energy-efficient LED lightbulbs throughout all 4 of our holiday cottages and the château.  We have also invested in solar-powered decorative lighting.
  • We recycle all our waste and encourage our guests to do the same.
  • We compost all our food waste

Help us to protect our beautiful natural world. Together, little things can make a big difference

Château de Bourneau

14 Rue de Chateau
85200 Bourneau
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Château de Bourneau offers:

  • Four fully equipped guest houses with private swimming pools
  • Weddings
  • Family events
  • Corporate events
  • 16 Hectares of park and woodland
  • Onsite parking